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Trading Opportunities on Index Markets

Trading Opportunities on Index Markets

Tamar takes you around the globe. She highlights potential trading opportunities on the Index Markets. Tamar explains the levels she is watching and the time frames she is utilising for these potential opportunities.  ...

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Canadian Dollar Shows Strength

Canadian Dollar Shows Strength

Canadian Dollar is strengthening against most of its trading partners especially USD, GBP and EURO. In today’s free newsletter, Hao discusses potential trading opportunities from USDCAD, GBPCAD and EURCAD as these three pairs offer a large potential profit window to the downside.  ...

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Five Reasons Why We Must Keep Good Trading Records

Five Reasons Why We Must Keep Good Trading Records

5 Reasons for keeping good trading records Many people new to trading may have the idea that trading from the charts is a glorious and fast-paced battle against the market elements, like the action-packed car chase scenes that crop up in so many American TV shows and films. In reality, the best traders operate based on a series of slow, steady and methodical approaches, which include technical analysis, trade setup qualifying, trade management, self-psychological evaluation, and disciplined record keeping. This may not be the exciting action we want, but it is very much the approach we need to adopt. Trading records are the trade details such as entry, risk, exit, profit, date, direction, and more, but without the strategy details included. They are for regulatory, administrative and occasionally legal purposes. A visual snapshot of the trades also helps to illuminate the records. Trading journals are visual Bibles of our analysis, measured against our strategy, and help reveal our emotional/psychological state of mind at the time. The journals serve to...

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Scanning through countless charts looking for trades is, for many people, one of the most unappealing aspects of trading. It’s time consuming, it’s hard work and it can get confusing at times. So, we have come up with a solution. TWP is proud to announce the official launch of a brand new product: MarketTracker.

Our Trader Education Philosophy

At Trade With Precision, we make trader education simple enough for anyone to understand how to become a trader. Whether it is online forex trading that you wish to commence with, whether you are a stock trader looking to fine tune your entry points or if you are looking for a brand new trading strategy to add to your arsenal, we are here to help.

Trading strategy is our specialty and a great place to learn more is via our free trading webinars.
Topics include how to trade stocks with precision, precision forex trading online, intraday trading myths exposed and many more.