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Finding True North

Finding True North

Technical analysis  – Compasses are great, life-saving devices, helping us find the direction for our destination. It must have seemed like magic two millennia ago when this magnetic trick was first discovered. Now compasses are included as a default application on our mobile phones. We continue to need help when navigating the woods, rivers and mountains of the untamed wild. Similarly, when navigating the charts of financial markets, we look for ways to assist us in determining clear directions by using technical analysis. Visualizing the market’s momentum The essence of technical analysis is to visually determine the larger momentum of the market. A brief history lesson. Technical analysis originated as early as 1900 with Charles H. Dow, who fleshed out several market theories in a series of editorials in his co-founded Wall Street Journal. He also co-founded the Dow Industrial Average, which we still trade today, and is seen as one of the primary indicators of market sentiment. Those theories were further developed at key points between the 1920s and...

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Build on a sound knowledge of the basics

Build on a sound knowledge of the basics

I recently watched a martial arts training session. It was a mixed group made up of both very advanced members wearing different degrees of black belts and raw beginners starting their journey with their blank white belts. I wondered how people of such huge differences in experience could train together. Surely the beginners would be overwhelmed, or the experts would be bored and find they had nothing to learn. But after the warm-up, the training focus was on absolutely basic techniques. And the response of the advanced students was truly fascinating: they did the same exercises with full focus and dedication. There was no “been there, done that” attitude. And one of the most underappreciated keys to success became:  it’s all about getting the basics done right. That is a lesson that applies very much to traders. Sure, those black belts can easily turn wooden boards to splinters, but it all starts with a solid foundation. Neglect that foundation and there is no support to build upon. It might...

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Waiting on Winston

Waiting on Winston

As Kiwis wait with anticipation on whom will lead their next government, the New Zealand dollar is being sold off in quantity with the selling pressure likely to continue in the coming days. The decision on which parties will enter into a coalition government rests entirely with the leader of the New Zealand First Party, Winston Peters. Meanwhile, NZ-based Hao Sun discusses potential short trade opportunities on NZDUSD and NZDJPY. Join us for our next live Webinar: How to Trade Futures With Precision Date: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 Time: 7:00 pm London, 2:00 pm New York and 7:00 am  Auckland Next Day Register Now...

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Scanning through countless charts looking for trades is, for many people, one of the most unappealing aspects of trading. It’s time consuming, it’s hard work and it can get confusing at times. So, we have come up with a solution. TWP is proud to announce the official launch of a brand new product: MarketTracker.

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At Trade With Precision, we make trader education simple enough for anyone to understand how to become a trader. Whether it is online forex trading that you wish to commence with, whether you are a stock trader looking to fine tune your entry points or if you are looking for a brand new trading strategy to add to your arsenal, we are here to help.

Trading strategy is our specialty and a great place to learn more is via our free trading webinars.
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