About Us

Global trading education experts

Trade With Precision is a global company of professional traders who are passionate about training new traders and helping intermediate level traders move up to a new level. It is critical to your trading success to seek out educators and mentors who you relate well with.

Our professional trading team all use the Precision method of Trading which includes; our principles, strategies and risk management skills. Our strategies can be used with any market; Forex, Stocks, Indicies and Commodities. The TWP trading team has different preferences for the timing of their trading styles; some prefer intra-day trading (opening and closing a trade within a day), others prefer swing trading (opening and closing a trade within days to weeks).

Trade With Precision was founded by CEO and Head Trader Nick McDonald.

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We cater for complete beginners to more seasoned traders, so even if you’ve never seen a price chart before, don’t worry! We’ll guide you every step of the way – from opening up a trading account to placing your first trade.

At Trade With Precision we offer:

  • Real trading strategies - for all abilities from beginners to advanced traders. The workshops are delivered live or recorded online and in some countries we have live seminar workshops. Each workshop has a full colour text book to accompany the course and 3-12 months of live online trading clinics to ensure you have all the support you need to master the strategy that you have learnt.
  • Ongoing Trading Clinics- Our workshops have 3-12 months of trading clinics, the mentoring sessions are crucial to your success as a trader and to fully understand and master the strategies you have been taught.
  • Real trading strategies - Our strategies include; Precision Lifestyle Trade Strategy, Precision Expansion Trade Strategy and the Cluster Trade strategy, to name a few. Tried and tested strategies that can be used on a daily basis.
  • Elite training packages with professional mentoring support, small group one on one style in a weekly live online format. If this is what you are looking for enquire about our Precision Traders Alliance package.
  • A truly international company - train with us from anywhere in the world!

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