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Complimentary Educational Webinars


Take your first step into the world of Trade With Precision with our complimentary Educational Webinars. On these sessions, we will outline how we trade and how we approach the markets, giving you a fantastic insight into our trading principles and ethos.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding – Leonardo da Vinci

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Learn a Simple 6-Step Trading Strategy

Join our webinar and learn a well defined Trading Strategy that our team of traders use. Traders that do not work with a defined strategy flounder from system to system usually with POOR results. 

  • Complete rules for the Precision “Trend Flow” Strategy.
  • Full trade set-up and trade management conditions.
  • How to apply the strategy in any market or timeframe
  • How to identify strongly trending markets (So you only focus on the highest-probability trades).

Date: Tuesday, 31 May, 2016

Time: 8pm London, 3pm New York, 5am Sydney next day, 7am Auckland next day


Date: Wednesday, 1 June,  2016

Time: 8pm Auckland, 6pm Sydney, 4am New York, 9am London



The 5 Pillars of Trading Strategy

Tuesday, 7 June 2016: 9pm Auckland, 7pm Sydney, 5am New York, 10am London

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016: 8pm London, 3pm New York, 5am Sydney (next day), 7am Auckland (next day)

More Info and Register

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Thereafter, please book a FREE 1-2-1 consultation with one of our expert trading team where we will tailor the topic to your needs.

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