Precision Premium Subscription

Precision Premium Subscription

Our new Precision Premium Subscription is like a monthly hamper full of all the goodies that you need to become the best trader you can possibly be. We are with you almost every day with live market analysis, market watch, trades we are stalking. You have access to a library of reference manuals explaining all about our strategies, plus risk management advice, etc. Plus you have one hour VIP mentoring with a full-time Trade With Precision trader each month.


  1. Electronic Manuals – 20 hours plus of trading strategy education
  2. Precision Trader’s Lounge
  3. MarketTracker (MT)
  4. One monthly VIP Mentoring Session

Electronic Manuals

Access to over 400 pages of our electronic strategy manuals (includes an introduction to the Trade With Precision style of trading). Reference and instruction to the two Trade With Precision strategies.

Access granted as long as your membership is active.

Precision Trader’s Lounge 

Precision Trader’s Lounge is our flagship subscription that allows access to a bespoke and exclusive member’s area. It’s a closed group and is hosted on Facebook. It’s our fraternity for all things trading. This group is interactive, it shares trading ideas, experiences, and ideas. It is recommended for all traders whether you are just beginning or have been trading for a while. Precision Trader’s Lounge is about ongoing learning, development and it is about being part of a like-minded group.

MarketTracker (MT)

Six of our favourite charts with comments, emailed to you three times a week. MT is ideal if you are on the busy side and don’t always have the time scan the charts. It is also very good if you are learning to trade the Trade With Precision strategies, as you can watch and absorb from the professionals.


VIP Mentoring Session

This is equivalent to catching up with a Personal Trainer at the gym or having a customised coaching session at the athletic track (just you and the coach). Our Precision Premium Subscription includes one hour each month of a one to one session (usually over Skype or Go2Webinar). So just as you don’t want to get growled at by your muscle-bound trainer for overindulging in chocolate bars since you saw them last, you don’t want to get behind in your homework assignments that our full-time trader has given you. Yes, we also work you hard but the rewards in your improved trading are worth it.

Our team are very accommodating and will work with you to schedule your mentoring sessions in with your schedule.

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NZD $625 (per month)   Purchase Now

AUD $559 (per month)   Purchase Now

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your trial purchase is covered under TWP’s 10-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

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