This is what people who have experienced training with Trade With Precision have to say:

"I feel my trading has "stepped up a notch", not just because of my winning percentage, but I am feeling happier and more confident about the whole process. My set up and preparation, assessing, keeping my watch lists, enhancing my rules as well as trying to adhere to them, being more confident once I place a trade have all improved. Without doubt the Precision Trading Alliance has been a huge factor in this!"
Ian A, New Zealand, 2013
I would definitively recommend the Precision Trading Alliance to any individual that is serious about their trading, wants to exponentially accelerate their learning and bring their trading to the NEXT level.
C. Ravalli, UK, 2013
"If I had to find one “best thing” then I would say being involved in a Precision Trading Alliance group is a very honest process.  It is initially about ensuring I had no misconceptions, secondly, they [TWP mentors] choose people who are serious and committed to trading and thirdly, it gets you out of your comfort zone and really thinking."
P. Strutt, Australia, 2013
"I really appreciate all the very useful advice I am getting from you and others in TWP. I never thought it would be this good!"
Stanley, UK, 2013
"Just wanted to say that I think your company is great. My brother and I started with a couple of seminars by Nick MacDonald that you put on and have worked our way forward to some successful trading and strategies. Thank you for your start up training, it is Brilliant for novices like we were."
Liz, New Zealand, 2013

"I have gone through the course and I thought it was first class. The videos were very well done as were the study manuals, clear and to the point and I have learnt heaps. In fact the whole TWP setup from when I first contacted you guys has been very impressive, the professional attitude of all at TWP is without exception the best I have seen. I cannot fault anything."

"I will be taking the next course, and I will continue with PP (Precision Perspectives) to assist further with my development, I would like to remain a client of TWP for a very long time. I only wish I had found your outfit first. In fact I am so impressed (which is rare) with TWP I would have no hesitation in recommending you."  
Stephen Shorney - West Midlands, United Kingdom
"The difference between TWP and all other trader education providers that I've used is that TWP teaches using real time examples, not with hindsight charts stating what could have been made on a particular trade. Also after taking a TWP course, students receive continual guidance from TWP long after the seminar to ensure they are right on track. These two aspects showed me that TWP is a different kind of trader education company, one that wants their students to truly succeed."    
Arthur Wilman - Edmonton, Canada.                                                                                                                                     
"I just wanted to express my thanks for the review session (mentoring session) of the PLT trades. It was my first session and I was surprised at how much I learn't from having my trades reviewed. It amazed me at what was staring me in the face. I learnt so much in the session from having a different perspective on my own trades. It was priceless!"    
Garry Moore - Shropshire, United Kingdom

"I never truly felt confident with the forex market until I took the course with Trade With Precision in early 2011. After I took the course, I saw noticeable improvements with my trading, both psychologically and financially. The strategy of Trade With Precision is very simple and always consistent."

"It suits both full time and part time traders. If you struggle with your trading or simply want to take your trading to the next level, I would strongly recommend you to give Trade With Precision a go."

"Don't struggle, take control of your trading TODAY!!!"  
John Wang - Auckland, New Zealand
"I did my research I decided to enrol for the basic 1 day course. It was here that my trading bedrock was formed, not just by the content and the quality of the teaching, but the attitude to trading. I enjoyed it so much that I took another 2 courses and continued with the mentoring for 12 months. No matter how far I stray, I always find myself being pulled back to the Trade With Precision way, beacuase it is the right way."                                            
John Reid - London, United Kingdom
"I just want to tell you how much I enjoy and profit from being a student in your program. TWP is thorough conscientious and reliably cosistent in their approach. I learn from every webinar I attend and every video I see!
My trading has improved and I have more profitable trades than I had been able to make 6 months ago.The discouragement has gone and my husband was right when he said, after we listened together to a webinar Nick McDonald gave for Tradestation: 'take the class and get the mentoring from these guys!'"
Mary Ann DeRaad - Tuscon, USA
"I'm in my 83rd year but still trading when I can, to top up our pension for a living. I did 2 TWP courses with Nick McDonald in 2008 and 1 with Travis McKenzie later and they have been the most useful and consistent income earners for me ever since."    
Nigel Smith - Auckland, New Zealand