BRONZE Package

Your ten step introduction for trading success

Whether you are new to trading, or your trading is not where you want it to be, then BRONZE will provide a foundation from which to build upon.

The Bronze Package takes you through a critical 10-step process, which is essential for your trading success.

Component Detail

The 10 steps involve:

1) Understanding the Basics and Trading Lingo

Designed to give a beginner the knowledge required to start their trading journey.

2) What Type of Trader are you?

Just as an athlete’s physical and mental makeup might mean they are better suited to long distance rather than short distance running you too might be better suited to being a day trader or swing trader.

3) Which Market should you Trade?

Learn the 6 key criteria which you must assess before you can truly know which market(s) you should be trading. We estimate that traders lose millions of dollars every day simply because they are trading the wrong market for them. This simple step alone could transform your trading.

4) Modern Technical Analysis

Are you sick of seeing the same old technical analysis regurgitated over and over in textbooks and courses? In this step you will learn the modern technical analysis tools the TWP Trading Team use. Watch how we take leading technical tools and combine them to form a high probability trading strategy

5) Price Action Mastery

Professional technical traders (those who make money) know that price action mastery is the key to profitable trading. Whilst indicators are important, price is king. In this critical step you will learn how professional traders break price action mastery down into its key disciplines.

6) Strategy

Now that you have constructed a solid foundation, it is now time to introduce you to our Precision Trend Flow Strategy and Precision Momentum Breakout Strategy. Both are trend following strategies, which are perfectly suited to any market, and any timeframe therefore allowing you to trade them on the market and timeframe that best suits you.

7) Risk and Money Management

Amateurs focus on reward whereas professionals focus on risk. Learn the tools and techniques professional traders use to manage their money and risk on a daily basis.

8) The Trader’s Mindset

Without a doubt this is the most important step of the entire process. Get this step wrong and you will not be consistently profitable in the long term regardless of how good your strategy is. Learn the simple but extremely powerful and effective steps that the TWP Trading Team use every single day to continually work towards the ultimate trader’s mindset.

9) Record Keeping and Feedback

In order to improve you must know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. This is only possible with outstanding record keeping and a system for constructive feedback.

10) Time Saving Tips

Learn how to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend in front of your trading screen so you can fit trading around the lifestyle you choose to lead.


Format: Online recorded webinar (HD Video)

Duration: 5 hours

Course Notes: Electronic PDF


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