GOLD Package

3-Day Strategy Workshop with 6 Months of trading clinics

The GOLD Package contains everything in SILVER but with addition items. A solid 3 days of training where you learn 3 unique trading strategies you can apply in any market and any timeframe. It also includes 6 months of Trading Clinics.

GOLD will teach you our 3 strategies and provide 6 months of support via Trading Clinics.



3-day workshop run by Nick McDonald provided as a high definition video recording.

On Days 1 & 2 you will learn:

  • Our unique approach to Technical Analysis
  • The building blocks to our trading strategies
  • The Precision Expansion and the Precision Lifestyle strategies

On Day 3 you will learn the Precision Cluster Strategy

3 Trading Strategies

  • Precision Expansion
  • Precision Lifestyle
  • Precision Cluster

All 3 are trend following strategies which can be applied in any market or timeframe. This offers a high degree of flexibility – as well as increasing trading opportunities – for the trader.

Trading Clinics: 6 months

You are not alone!

As with any new skill, the theory is often pretty easy. It’s the practical application that’s tricky!

Nowhere is this more true than in trading.

This is why we provide Trading Clinics: a convenient and efficient way for you to get feedback on your trading and have your questions answered.

You send us your trade screenshots every week and we will appraise them and provide you with feedback over a live weekly webinar for a period of 6 months.


Component Detail

The workshop is focused on trading strategies for any asset class and has these key learning objectives:

Price Action Mastery

Price action is historical price data plotted on a chart without indicators. After completing the Online Strategy Workshop (Days 1 & 2) you will develop an understanding of price action to the point where indicators are not required – they will simply become the icing on the cake (not the cake itself!)

Price action can be broken down into 6 key components. Master these components and you have mastered the foundation to profitable trading:

  • Optimal Chart Structure

    Identify at a glance which chart structures have the highest predictability and which ones you should avoid. Dramatically increase any strategy’s profitability by mastering this one simple component.

  • Trading with the Trend

    The most neglected and least understood component of trading. Master trends and you are well on your way to profitable trading.

  • Price Support and Resistance

    Discover why horizontal price action support and resistance is crucial to all of the Trade With Precision strategies and how to quickly identify it in any market and any timeframe.

  • Moving Average Patterns and Zones

    Learn to use the humble moving average as an accurate dynamic buy or sell zone, allowing you to determine entry zones well in advance.

  • Candles

    Identify which candles professional traders are entering on and take advantage of this knowledge by riding the wave of explosive price momentum caused by professional buying or selling.

  • Multiple Timeframes

    Trading off only one timeframe is like driving in thick fog, where the view of the road ahead is obscured making travel perilous. Learn the timeframes we use, why we use them and how to read them accurately time and time again. Many traders use indicators that lag price (i.e. price has already made its move before the indicator gives a buy or sell signal). We will teach you how profitable traders use indicators to predict market direction before price even makes its move. This is the art of leading Indicators…At TWP we DON’T do lagging!

    Master the art of combining price action mastery with leading indicators to give you multiple high probability reasons for entry on every single trade. Not only will you drastically reduce your risk per trade, but you will significantly increase the number of winning trades as well as being able to catch moves early!

Two strategies which are perfect for any liquid market and any timeframe you wish to trade
  • The Precision Expansion strategy and the Precision Lifestyle Trade are both trend following strategies, and can be applied in any market (from stocks and indices to commodities and forex) and any timeframe (from fast paced intra-day charts to longer term swing trading off daily or even weekly charts).
  • You will be given a comprehensive checklists for each strategy, which details exactly which technical factors must be aligned before you place a trade. Unless you can tick all the boxes you don’t proceed with the trade, it is as simple as that.
  • In addition to the checklists we will teach you a scoring system which instantly and objectively ranks each potential trade, eliminating confusion when identifying high probability trading opportunities.

Ensuring you are equipped with the tools and techniques for success

  • Learn the simple, but extremely powerful, risk and money management techniques that profitable traders use.
  • Continually develop a trader’s mind-set by implementing our easy to follow 19 step process.

Presenter: Nick McDonald

Format: Online Streamed Recording (HD Video)

Duration: Two Days

Course Notes: Two full colour bound manuals sent to your home address

You will learn the Precision Cluster Strategy:

  • An all encompassing strategy which is based around clusters of support and resistance which form in every liquid market and has a very high success rate when used correctly
  • The use of Pivot Points and Fibonacci as LEADING indicators. Understand how Fibonacci clusters are formed and how to incorporate them into your trading
  • Advanced Trend Analysis to ensure you enter only on the strongest moves by assessing the very BEST trends to enter and those to leave alone
  • Advanced Multiple Time Frame Analysis to ensure you accurately assess the bigger picture and that your position is aligned with the intermediate and higher time frame charts
  • The Golden Rule for trading the Precision Cluster strategy
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes – preventative measure to ensure you avoid them
  • Improvement Procedure – when and how to correctly amend your strategy
  • The Precision Cluster strategy checklist detailing precise entry and exit criteria including exact entry, stop and profit target levels

Presenter: Nick McDonald

Format: Online Streamed Recording (HD Video)

Duration: One Day

Course Notes: Full colour bound manual sent to your home address

Send us your trade screenshots and we will give you feedback on them on a weekly basis.

  • We will teach you to take live screenshots of your trades so we can peer over your shoulder and see what you were seeing at the time of placing the trade. Applied consistently, this process will rapidly progress your trading.
  • Each week you will email your trades to us, along with any other questions you may have, and we will compile your trades and questions with everyone else’s into a webinar.
  • At a set time and date we will conduct a Trading Clinic, where you are encouraged to log in and participate live (don’t worry if you can’t make the live session as they are all recorded and archived for you to view at any time).
  • During the Trading Clinics, one of the Trade With Precision’s trading team will review and critique your trades and answer your questions. If you have joined the live session you will also be able to ask questions in real time.
  • One of the biggest benefits of our Trading Clinics is that you will not only see your trades reviewed and your questions answered but you will also see all the trades and questions of everyone else who has submitted them. It is this constant repetition of witnessing the good, the bad and the ugly of a trade that reinforces the concepts you have learnt on the Workshops and will set you up for trading success.

​Format: Live webinars (which are recorded and archived)

Duration: This depends on the number of trades and questions which are submitted, but typically they last between 60 – 90 minutes

Frequency: Once per week for 6 months


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