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Get a Bird's-eye view of how we trade the markets!

Receive high-quality trading videos from our trading team every single day!

Watch, Listen, Learn….Imagine being able to observe real traders at work. With Precision Perspectives, you can do exactly that as our trading team record themselves whilst trading!

This is the must-have educational tool for the serious trader. It’s as if you are standing over the trader’s shoulder, watching each and every action, and listening to their explanations of what they are doing and why.

The TWP trading team give you visual access to their trading screens…just like a live trading seminar. You will witness their live trades whilst they provide commentary, detailing their real time market analysis and showing you how they make money trading the markets.

But it gets even better. As well as live trade videos, there are videos on:

  • Trading strategies – specialising in any market and any timeframe.
  • Market updates – covering  Indices, Futures, Stocks and Forex markets.
  • TWP strategy nuances – new and advanced ways of applying TWP strategies.
  • Trader psychology – how the best traders think and act.

The videos will reinforce everything you’ve learned on the course Packages. You will see how our traders trade the TWP strategies on a daily basis – everything from Precision ExpansionsPrecision Lifestyle trades and Precision Cluster pullbacks as well as what our ‘stalking’ lists are for the week ahead.

Try Precision Perspectives for 10 days risk free and if you are not completely satisfied, email us for a no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee.

Bonus: MarketTracker is included as part of your PP Subscription  

  • MarketTracker is a new product where we email you potential TWP setups as they are forming.
  • You receive 3 emails per week, each highlighting two of our favourite setups for that day.
  • All PP subscribers receive MarketTracker free of charge.
  • For more information on MarketTracker, please click here.

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To Nick and the rest of the Precision Perspectives team. I would just like to say what a huge help Precision Perspectives is to how I now approach my trading. The videos enable me to literally get inside the head of a professional trader on a regular basis and to see live trades executed with the reasons for taking the trade clearly described. Results are also posted – win or loss: a truly honest approach which in my mind speaks volumes for the integrity of the whole Trade With Precision and Precision Perspectives team. I consider Precision Perspectives a must have trading tool for anyone looking to take their trading to the next level.

– Ian Lenaghan


I am very impressed with the videos. You guys are obviously serious traders. I see good intelligent set ups with well defined parameters and discipline in taking stops. I also like the fact you show losing trades so subscribers get a rounded picture.

– Peter Brennan


The Precision Perspectives video newsletters are fantastic! They continue to add to my education on a daily basis and help me develop my trading. The videos have helped me become more tuned into seeing set ups and I have been able to pull all the teachings from Nick’s courses together much quicker than before. I had been struggling to improve my scanning process for a few months and during the introduction video I got a great solution which I have put into action and used to improve the process flow of my trading. They are a combination of trades, trading education and market updates. Whether you are a swing trader or an intraday trader the videos are a must and I recommend them to anyone who wants to become a professional trader.

– Jane Middleton


For those really looking to accelerate their trading further the Trade with Precision team offers Precision Perspectives which provides an invaluable ‘over the shoulder’ perspective of professional traders at work. Content includes market overviews, execution of different trade strategies, set-ups, analysis of winning and losing trades, tips and tricks. All the traders are genuine and experienced people sharing their knowledge and experience as they analyse and trade the markets. Feedback and questions are welcomed. New posts can be notified via e-mail and all past postings are easily accessible and clearly archived. Precision Perspectives has become an integral part of my trading routine and has been important to building confidence in both the Trade with Precision strategies and my own trading.

– Brent Evans


Precision Perspectives has provided me with the opportunity to continue my trading education on a daily basis from a friendly, honest and knowledgeable team of experienced traders. Each video is themed and provides one or more lessons. Every day a small number of new short videos are added – not too many and not too long so I never feel overwhelmed – just enough to keep me learning and on the right track. The daily videos give me a sense that I am constantly being supported and the problem of trader isolation is reduced because I feel I am in contact with experienced traders trading the same instruments I am trading and at the same time because the material is all current. The videos cover all the Trade With Precision trading setups in the Currency and Index markets under all market conditions. Precision Perspectives is not all about just showing winning trades either. By seeing the team make the occasional losing trade has helped me to come to terms with probabilities and the reality of trading so I am now able to cope with my losing trades in a more constructive manner. For me the introduction of Precision Perspectives could not have come at a better time and I recommend this valuable resource to traders.

– Anne-Marie Farmer


The Precision Perspectives Newsletter is one of the best resources available to a trader and even for those who like myself already have experience of trading and want to constantly improve. It’s well worth the money. Nick, Martin and Rakesh are great traders and you can see they practice what they preach. I would suggest that you have no doubts about joining a TWP course or the newsletter: you’ll see the quality of teaching.

– Daniel Emerson


If you are serious about learning how to trade well, then Precision Perspectives is for you. These are real traders, trading real money and in the process sharing their strategies, analysis and reasons for placing the trades with you. This is by far the most innovative trading product I have ever come across on the internet. Watch the videos and then watch them again if don’t understand something the first time. Even better, if you still don’t understand it, drop them a line and they will take time out of their obviously busy schedules to get back to you. Education and mentoring like you have never seen before. This is serious value for money. Keep up the great work guys.

– Sanat Shah


I just would like to say that Precision Perspective Videos you guys are doing is the best ever. For me it has actually helped to consolidate my education with Trade With Precision. It was really great when I attended the class and having these videos to watch afterwards really helped to cement what I studied in the class. I found it also keeps the momentum going. Its great to see other traders’ thinking processes and how they place their trades. One of my favourites are the videos by Rakesh on the DOW gap trade which is very precise, simplified and he makes it very easy to follow. I also found Martin’s videos quite useful. All together really good. Thank you for all your hard work in publishing these for us. Well appreciated.

– Beena Bhasi



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