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Can a red candle be bullish or a green candle bearish?

Can a red candle be bullish or a green candle bearish?

Can a red candle be bullish or a green candle bearish? A common question that I get asked during my webinars is whether a red candle can be bullish or a green candle bearish.  In other words, does only the colour of the candle denote bullishness or bearishness?  This article sets the record straight in respect to this question. The short answer to this question is that indeed a candle can be red and bullish or green and bearish.  However, this happens only in certain situations.  One of the facets of candlestick analysis is that the size and location of the shadows or the wicks is important.  This is an important factor that indicates and denotes bullishness or bearishness irrespective of the colour of the candle.                                                 Bullish rejection candle                    Bearish rejection candle A candle with a long...

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Australian Dollar Weakness

Australian Dollar Weakness

Australian Dollar Weakness The Australian Dollar is showing weakness against most of its trading partners. Today,  Hao Sun discusses the potential trading opportunities on the AUDUSD, EURAUD and GBPAUD pairs and shares his trade plans on how to capitalise on these three pairs if the move gets under...

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Why Technical Analysis Wins

Why Technical Analysis Wins

In this vlog, Adam discusses why technical analysis wins over fundamental analysis. His advice? Technical analysis is a visual process and allows us to identify a pattern. It is evidence based and it pays not to over think things.  Look at the picture and let go of those beliefs. Trump… Brexit… Elections… we can put these things aside and still focus on the charts. Why Technical Analysis Wins (and Fundamentals lose) Adam Harris discusses technical vs fundamental trading, having a checklist and finding (and taking!) high quality technical set ups. Posted by Trade With Precision on Monday, April 10, 2017...

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Scanning through countless charts looking for trades is, for many people, one of the most unappealing aspects of trading. It’s time consuming, it’s hard work and it can get confusing at times. So, we have come up with a solution. TWP is proud to announce the official launch of a brand new product: MarketTracker.

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At Trade With Precision, we make trader education simple enough for anyone to understand how to become a trader. Whether it is online forex trading that you wish to commence with, whether you are a stock trader looking to fine tune your entry points or if you are looking for a brand new trading strategy to add to your arsenal, we are here to help.

Trading strategy is our specialty and a great place to learn more is via our free trading webinars.
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