Individual Trader Mentoring

We have literally helped thousands of traders learn to navigate the markets successfully

Trade With Precision has been teaching individuals how to trade the financial markets for over a decade. We have literally helped thousands of traders learn to navigate the markets successfully.

We have discovered during these years that the most effective and successful method in teaching new traders or helping to progress intermediate traders, is by “one on one” personalized mentoring. We do this with the help of today’s technology so you can be anywhere in the world… literally! You just need the commitment to want to be successful at trading and a solid internet connection.

We offer these options for One on One mentoring with a member of the Trade With Precision Mentoring Team.

Mastering the Markets 1-2-1

This is for new traders or struggling traders that wish to start back at the beginning.

It consists of 12 X 1-hour sessions where you will learn two of Trade With Precision strategies that you can use in any market and any timeframe, as well as the fundamental requirements of learning to trade including:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Price Action Mastery:
    • Candlesticks
    • Multiple Timeframes
    • Optimal Chart Structure
    • Moving Average Patterns and Zones
    • Price Support and Resistance

Email with your name, country, phone number and the best time to call you back.


VIP Mentoring

VIP Mentoring is a great opportunity to fast track your trading education and get to the heart of any stubborn issues that you may have.

VIP Mentoring with a TWP full-time trader is worth its weight in gold. You will discuss with your mentor the areas you want to focus on. Then attack them together.

It will be intense. You will need to be focused. We are not promising it is going to be easy by any means. You will be pushed… hard!

VIP mentoring is available in blocks of three hours or twelve hours – always broken down into 1-hour sessions.

If you would like to talk to a Trade With Precision trader please email and we will connect you as soon as possible.

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