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Achieving business goals for brokers is our business

Content creation and engagement

    • Bespoke market commentary, trading education, articles and blog posts
    • Video Market commentary and trading video library’s
    • Generic commentary and education at a lower cost via our daily Market Tracker Service
    • All content services includes the ability to send EDMs on brokers behalf

Why is content important?  

  • Content is great for new lead generation via newsletters, client engagement, social networks, SEO, marketing distribution plus trading ideas and increased activity from clients

Webinars for prospective clients

    • Our wide range of webinar topics are always tailored to suit the broker and their audience
    • All charts on display are the brokers charts, all deal tickets from the brokers platform
    • We impress your clients with our education and link that to your unique selling points as a broker

How do webinars achieve business goals?

  • They provide a great new source of leads via registrations on your website. They engage prospects and provide a set of warm leads for broker sales teams to call. They are fantastic for converting demo and inactive accounts into live accounts

Premium content and advanced courses for brokers clients only

  • This is content that your clients would pay for at www.tradewithprecision.com, yet they get it for free as a valued clients of your brokerage.  You as a broker want the client to succeed, hence pay for their education and this is viewed as a valuable sales tool. 

Why client only content?

  • It’s a great additional incentive for your sales team to open new accounts. A fantastic way to activate recent accounts and reactivate dormant accounts.

We do all of the above and much more, including:

  • Keynote speaking at seminars and events worldwide
  • Platform training and demonstrations
  • 1 on 1 premium client mentoring support
  • Consulting on new products and platforms for retail traders

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